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    Amazon Experimental Streaming Viewer

    Amazon quietly adds Experimental Streaming Viewer to recent Kindle Fire 2nd Gen and HD software updates

    Adobe withdrew support for its Flash Player from Android-based tablets and phones that use later operating systems. The newer Adobe Flash Player files won't work with them, and that includes the Google Nexus and Samsung mobile devices.

    Some users have found that certain *older* Adobe files will work well with the later Android operating systems, and users have to find them via searching blogs and forums.

    Now, Amazon has at least a partial solution -- and they describe the feature on their WEB help area but did not mention this feature in the software update announcements probably because they'd rather people be watching Amazon Instant Video, since the tablet is sold mostly at cost with revenue coming from use of the tablet with Amazon-offered products and is also a very sophisticated e-reader.

    However, when you read the below, be aware that no Android tablet I've heard of (let me know if there IS one) has a solution like this one to the no-flash-player support dilemma -- a built-in workaround with no work on the customer's part, as opposed to finding the right files and installing them to make it all happen. A vendor would have to pay Adobe a special fee to offer on a mobile device (with later operating system) an authorized working Flash Player with a Flash-supporting web browser.

    I first saw this new web browsing feature mentioned on the Amazon Kindle Forums by Amazon Forum Pros Laura M. Dean and *~*Pineapple*~*

    In addition to the two blog articles (linked just below) on using certain older Adobe Flash Player files that have been found to work with Android-based tablets with later operating systems:

    How to install Flash Player on your Kindle Fire and
    How to install Non-Amazon Apps on your Kindle Fire,

    there are also other good ways to view (and download) YouTube videos -- my favorite apps for that are discussed in "Two favorite Kindle Fire apps: BSPlayer and Tubemate."

    The first blog article link just above describes the method I've used, since September 2012, for watching full episodes of TV shows I've missed. It's worked well, although the new, free ABCWatch app is now available for the Kindle Fire, but the app does NOT work quite as well as just viewing them on the web with Flash on the tablet when that was allowed by ABC. Now ABC discourages the web method on an Android or Kindle Fire tablet.

    However, Amazon's newer Experimental Streaming Viewer (explained at this link) is said by a customer service representative in a reply to forumner John K this way:

    ' I want to inform [you] that the Amazon Silk web browser on Kindle Fire 2nd Generation / HD doesn't support Flash, but some videos in the Silk browser can be viewed using the experimental streaming viewer.

    Compatible websites will display a notification at the bottom of the screen when Flash is detected. Tap the notification to watch the video. You can also tap the Menu icon at the bottom or right side of the screen, and then select "Open experimental viewer."

    For the best video playback experience, confirm that you have a strong wireless connection. Not all websites are compatible with the experimental streaming viewer and video playback quality may vary.

    At this time, the experimental streaming viewer is optimized for videos only.

    "Currently, we're working on the software updates, so that it can be supported by most of the websites. '

    You do need the latest software updates to use this.

    For any website pages that don't work with even the Experimental Streaming Viewer, you can use the workaround many of us have used described in the first blog article link mentioned above. I've not found a website for which this workaround does not work.

    In the meantime, the new built-in streaming viewer is a more straightforward solution where it works, and Laura M. Dean said it worked for her for CBS, NBC and ABC's Flash where they don't redirect you to their new app when you ask for a full episode. It's great that Amazon is working on this even though it involves watching video elsewhere.
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