What is the best bicycle tracking app?

There are many reasons why people might need a bicycle tracking app. Some people might need it to keep track of their bikes in case they lose them, or to ensure that their bikes are being used safely. Others might use it to monitor their cycling progress or performance over time, or to share their rides with friends and family. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that a good bicycle tracking app can be a valuable tool for keeping track of your cycling progress and safety.

A bicycle tracking app must be able to track the location of a bicycle, as well as the time and date of each location. The app must also be able to send alerts if the bicycle is moved or if it reaches a certain distance from its last known location.

The best bicycle tracking app


Strava is a social network for athletes that lets you track and share your activities on bikes, running, skiing, and other sports. You can join up with friends to compare routes, race together, and see how you’re doing over time. You can also follow other athletes to get inspiration and learn from their successes or failures.


RideWithGPS is a biking and walking navigation app that helps cyclists and pedestrians find their way using maps and GPS. The app includes a variety of features to make navigation easier, including voice-guided directions, live tracking of your location, and automatic route recalculation. RideWithGPS is available for both iPhone and Android devices.


MapMyRide is a mobile app that helps cyclists plan and track their rides. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to find routes, track your progress, and share your rides with friends. MapMyRide also provides live tracking of cyclists’ locations so you can follow their progress as they ride.


Cyclemeter is a bicycle computer that records your cycling data and displays it on a map. It also provides real-time feedback on your performance, so you can see where you need to improve. Cyclemeter makes it easy to track your progress and compare your results with those of other cyclists.


BikeRadar is the world’s leading online cycling magazine. We cover all aspects of cycling, from gear advice to race results, and we’re dedicated to helping cyclists of all levels get the most out of their rides.

Our website is packed with information on everything from how to choose the right bike for you, to how to train for your first race, and everything in between. We also have a huge range of cycling gear, from helmets and bikes to clothing and accessories.

If you’re looking for advice on where to ride or what trails to explore, our experts are on hand with reviews of the best cycling routes in every country. And if you want to know who’s winning the biggest races around the world, we have all the latest results right here.

So whether you’re a beginner just starting out on your bike journey or an experienced cyclist looking for new challenges, BikeRadar has everything you need to get ahead in your riding. Thanks for being part of our community!

RideWithGPS Pro

RideWithGPS Pro is the most comprehensive and user-friendly GPS navigation app available on the market today. With RideWithGPS Pro, you can plan your routes with ease, track your progress on a map, and view turn-by-turn directions with ease. RideWithGPS Pro also includes a live traffic monitor to keep you updated on traffic conditions along your route.


MyBikeTracking is a bicycle tracking and data management application that helps cyclists monitor their cycling performance, analyze their riding data, and share it with others. It provides real-time tracking of a cyclist’s location, speed, and altitude, as well as the ability to upload data to a web server for analysis. The application can be used by cyclists of all levels of experience and can be used on any type of bicycle.

Bikemapz for iPhone and Android

Bikemapz is the world’s most comprehensive cycling map. It covers over 1 million miles of cycling routes, and includes detailed information on every route, including elevation, distance, and difficulty. Bikemapz is also the only cycling map with live tracking of cyclists, so you can follow your friends and rivals as they ride.

Cyclemeter for iPhone and

Cyclemeter is a bicycle computer app for iPhone and iPod Touch that records your cycling data and displays it on a map. Cyclemeter can track your distance, time, speed, calories burned, and more. You can also share your data with friends or post it online to see where you rank among other cyclists.
What is the best bicycle tracking app?

Things to consider when choosing a bicycle tracking app

-The app should be easy to use and navigate.
-The app should have a wide range of features, including the ability to track location, speed, and distance traveled.
-The app should be able to store data for a long period of time, so that you can track your cycling progress over time.
-The app should be affordable and available on multiple platforms.

Good Features

1. Ability to track location and movement of the bicycle.
2. Ability to share location and movement information with friends or family members.
3. Ability to receive real-time notifications when the bicycle is moved or when it reaches a certain location.
4. Ability to view detailed information about the journey taken by the bicycle, including speed, time, and distance travelled.
5. Ability to create custom routes and track their progress over time

The best app

1. Strava: This app is great for cyclists because it tracks your progress and provides you with a map of your ride.
2. RideWithGPS: This app is great for cyclists because it allows you to track your ride with GPS, which can help you to improve your cycling skills.
3. MapMyRide: This app is great for cyclists because it allows you to track your ride with GPS, as well as view the route and stats of other riders who have taken the same route before you.

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