Curiosa noticia en The Verge, por Dieter Bohn:

Microsoft's head of Windows Phone developer experience, Brandon Watson, leaves for Amazon

Brandon Watson has become fairly well known in the somewhat insular world of people who pay attention to Windows Phone development. Watson was the head of Windows Phone Developer Experience at Microsoft and has often taken to Twitter to rouse some rabble for the platform by seeding phones, reaching out to developers spurned by other companies, and even recruiting developers who had been stuck on a dying platform. Watson's tweet today confirms that he's leaving the company, and in an email to Mary Jo Foley he said that his new job will be Director of the Kindle Cross Platform team, where he will work on the Kindle apps for all the myriad platforms it appears on. Microsoft has not yet named a replacement, but the company will want to find somebody with the same level of media savvy, lest it miss opportunities like offering Windows Phone demo units to famous cartoonists.

¿Será el inicio de un maridaje Microsoft - Amazon? ¿Veremos un móvil de Amazon con Windows 8? ¿Kindle Fire cambiará de S/O?

Están un poco revueltas las cosas últimamente...