Master Open-source Software with SUSE Learning: Expert Online Courses for Linux Users

Master Open-source Software with SUSE Learning: Expert Online Courses for Linux Users Mastering Open-source Software with SUSE Learning: Expert Online Courses for Linux Users

Open-source software is revolutionizing the world of technology and driving innovation in countless industries. As a major player in the field of open-source software, SUSE has made significant contributions to the Linux ecosystem. Their comprehensive SUSE Learning platform offers expert online courses for Linux users, helping them master the skills required to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape.

The Importance of Open-source Software and Linux

Open-source software is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern society due to its numerous benefits, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, security, and community-driven development. Linux, an open-source operating system, has emerged as the platform of choice for many businesses, governments, and individuals worldwide. This popularity can be attributed to its unparalleled stability, performance, and customization capabilities.

By mastering Linux and understanding open-source software, users can thrive in a variety of professional settings, from data centers and cloud-based environments to embedded systems and more. To do this, becoming familiar with SUSE Learning is crucial, as it offers comprehensive online courses specifically tailored to the needs of Linux users.

What SUSE Learning Provides to Linux Users

SUSE Learning offers a wide range of expert-level online courses for Linux users, each designed to deliver practical knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied in real-world situations. Some of the primary offerings include:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES): This course covers the core competencies required to manage and administer SUSE Linux Enterprise Server environments, featuring hands-on exercises and real-world examples for maximum learning efficiency.
  • Cloud Application Platform: Designed for cloud-native developers, this course teaches users how to deploy and manage applications in a Kubernetes environment using SUSE Cloud Application Platform.
  • Software-defined Storage Solutions: Focused on today’s modern storage challenges, this course empowers learners to design, deploy, and manage software-defined storage solutions using Ceph and SUSE Enterprise Storage.

How to Get the Most Out of SUSE Learning Courses

To maximize the benefits of SUSE Learning courses, it’s essential to closely follow the provided tutorials and step-by-step instructions. Engage in hands-on exercises and work through real-world examples to reinforce newly acquired skills. Additionally, participate in forums and discussions to connect with fellow learners and industry experts, gaining valuable insights and support.

Seeking alternative resources to supplement your learning is a helpful strategy. Explore documentation, online resources, and books to broaden your knowledge base. Finally, be persistent and patient – it takes time and dedication to become proficient in advanced Linux concepts and technologies.

History, Origins, and Curiosities of SUSE Linux

With a history dating back to 1992, SUSE Linux began as a small German startup formed by three students passionate about open-source software and Linux. Their initial product, S.u.S.E. Linux (Software und System-Entwicklung), was based on the Softlanding Linux System (SLS) distribution.

SUSE has grown considerably over the past decades, establishing itself as a world leader in providing enterprise Linux solutions. In 2003, SUSE was acquired by Novell, a prominent networking company. Their partnership led to the launch of OpenSUSE – a community-driven project to create a free and open-source Linux distribution.

In 2015, SUSE continued its journey independently when purchased by Micro Focus International. More recently, SUSE acquired Rancher Labs in 2020, adding container management and orchestration expertise to its portfolio.

The history of SUSE Linux and its ongoing commitment to open-source software showcase the vibrant and diverse culture surrounding Linux and open-source communities. These expert online courses offered by SUSE Learning are a testimony to the dedication towards empowering Linux users to excel in their professional careers and contribute to a thriving technological ecosystem.

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