What is the best workout log app?

There are many reasons why people might need a workout log app. Some people might need to track their progress in order to stay motivated, while others might need to track their workouts in order to improve their fitness. Additionally, some people might want to share their workouts with friends or family in order to help them stay on track.

A workout log app must be able to track a user’s workouts, including the time, date, and type of workout. The app must also be able to store a user’s progress over time and provide feedback on how well the user is doing.

The best workout log app


Fitbit is a wearable device that tracks physical activity and sleep. It is available in a variety of models, including the Flex 2, Charge 2, Alta, and Aria. Fitbit devices can be connected to smartphones to provide real-time tracking of activity and sleep data. The devices can also be used to track food intake and weight loss goals.


Runtastic is a fitness app that helps you track your progress and motivate you to keep going. It has a variety of features, including:

-A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to track your progress
-A variety of exercises and activities to keep you motivated
-A community of likeminded people who can help you stay on track


Strava is a social network for athletes that tracks and shares activities across a variety of sports. The site offers a variety of features for athletes of all levels, including live tracking of your activity, sharing with friends, and finding new routes. You can also join challenges with other athletes, view your performance over time, and find training tips from the Strava community.


MapMyFitness is a fitness tracking and mapping application that helps users track their physical activity and nutrition. The app offers a variety of features, including the ability to create custom workouts, track progress over time, and connect with other users for support. MapMyFitness also provides detailed maps of user’s routes and workouts, which can be shared with others for feedback or comparison.


MyFitnessPal is a free online weight loss and fitness program that helps people to track their food, exercise, and weight loss progress. The program provides users with a comprehensive set of tools to help them achieve their fitness goals. MyFitnessPal allows users to create individualized meal plans, track their daily exercise routines, and share their progress with friends and family. The program also offers a variety of tools to help users maintain their weight loss goals, including a calorie counter, weight loss tracker, and diet planner. MyFitnessPal is available on both desktop and mobile platforms.


DailyBurn is a fitness app that helps users track their daily activity and progress. The app includes a variety of features such as a daily goal tracker, a calorie counter, and a sleep tracker. DailyBurn also offers access to over 1,000+ workouts from top fitness brands like SoulCycle, P90X, and ToneItUp.

HIIT Nation

HIIT Nation is a fitness program that uses high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to help people lose weight and improve their overall health. HIIT Nation was created by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who has worked with some of the world’s top athletes and celebrities.

HIIT Nation is a 12-week program that consists of three weekly sessions. In each session, participants will complete a series of short, intense exercises that are designed to burn calories quickly. The exercises are always performed in succession, with no rest in between.

The goal of HIIT Nation is to help participants lose weight and improve their overall health. By working out intensely for short periods of time, HIIT Nation helps burn calories quickly and help you lose weight fast. In addition, HIIT Nation has been shown to improve your cardiovascular health and increase your endurance.

CrossFit Games App

The CrossFit Games App is the official mobile app for the CrossFit Games. The app includes live event coverage, athlete and team profiles, video highlights, and more.
What is the best workout log app?

Things to consider when choosing a workout log app

Some factors to consider when choosing a workout log app include the following:

-The app’s features, such as the ability to track workouts and track progress over time
-The app’s interface, which should be easy to use and navigate
-The app’s compatibility with various devices, such as smartphones and tablets
-The availability of customer support

Good Features

1. Ability to track workouts and progress over time.
2. Ability to create custom workouts and track progress.
3. Ability to share workouts with friends and family.
4. Customizable workout tracking features, such as goal setting and timer functionality.
5. Ability to sync workouts between devices for continued tracking and progress tracking.

The best app

1. The app is easy to use and has a lot of features.
2. The app keeps track of your progress and provides feedback on how you are doing.
3. The app is available on many different platforms, making it convenient to use no matter where you are.

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