Ice Skating Enthusiasts: Apps for Training Tips, Rinks, & Performance Analysis

Ice Skating Enthusiasts: Apps for Training Tips, Rinks, & Performance Analysis Ice skating is a popular pastime and sport, with many enthusiasts looking to improve their skills and find new places to practice. With the rise of smartphones and mobile apps, ice skating enthusiasts can now access a wealth of tools and resources to help them along their journey. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best apps available for training tips, finding rinks, and analyzing performance.

Apps for Ice Skating Training Tips

Training is essential for any sport, and ice skating is no exception. With the right guidance and resources, skaters can improve their skills and ensure a safe and successful practice time. Here are some apps that offer top-notch training tips for ice skating enthusiasts:

  • Ubersense Coach: This app allows skaters to record their performance and provides slow-motion video analysis to help identify areas for improvement. Skaters can draw on the video, compare side-by-side with professional skaters, and even receive feedback from experts.
  • Coach’s Eye: Similar to Ubersense Coach, this app lets users record videos, watch in slow motion, and analyze their performance. The app provides drawing tools and comparison features, allowing skaters to measure their progress over time.
  • On The Ice: Focused on figure skating, this app offers tutorials, practice plans, and routines to help skaters improve their skills. On The Ice’s exercises focus on footwork, spins, jumps, and more.

Apps for Finding Rinks

Aside from training, ice skaters need a suitable rink to practice on. Whether just starting out or traveling to a new area, these apps help skaters locate nearby rinks and facilities:

  • Rink Finder: This app is dedicated to helping users find ice rinks across the United States. Users can search by location or zip code, and the app provides maps, directions, and contact information for each rink.
  • Foursquare: While not ice rink-specific, Foursquare is an excellent tool for finding local businesses and attractions, including ice-skating rinks. Users can read reviews, get directions, and discover nearby amenities.

Apps for Performance Analysis

Analyzing one’s own performance is crucial for any ice skater looking to develop their skills. Here, we’ll discuss a couple of apps that offer performance analysis and tracking features:

  • Skate Coach: This app focuses on figure skating and provides skaters with video tutorials, practice guides, and routines. Skate Coach also allows users to store their practice videos and track their progress over time.
  • My Jump 2: Ideal for those practicing jumps in ice skating, this app measures jump height, flight time, and other performance factors. Jumps can be recorded and analyzed, giving skaters valuable feedback for improvement.

Although ice-skating apps might not be able to replace the guidance of an experienced coach, they can definitely serve as supplemental tools for any ice-skating enthusiast. These apps not only help users find rinks and practice facilities but also provide valuable training tips and performance analysis tools. As technology continues to advance, these resources will undoubtedly grow and improve, helping skaters to better hone their skills and achieve their goals.

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